StS welcomes new product to portfolio

Thursday, 24 May, 2018

StS Resources and Technology are pleased to announce that they are now an authorised distributor to the UK market of the Rigsaver shut-off valve. Working in close partnership with Chalwyn, StS will now be able to provide this unique safety device to a number of their clients and any new interested parties based in the UK.

The Rigsaver is an air shut-off safety device for use on both large and small diesel engines. When mounted in the air intake system, the Rigsaver will prohibit airflow from entering the cylinders and positively immobilise the engine, safeguarding personnel, equipment, and the environment. Rigsavers can be manually or automatically controlled, responding to a variety of fault or hazard conditions.

Airborne hydrocarbons are dangerous. In the open, they can easily ignite and spread to available fuel sources to produce an uncontrolled inferno. However they can also pose a threat to diesel engines of any size. When mixed with the air supply, these vapors or fumes may be drawn into the air intake system, act as an ungoverned fuel source and cause the engine to accelerate out of control.

Conventional shutdown methods (i.e. shutting off the engine’s fuel supply) are often ineffective in preventing diesel engine overspeeding since the ungoverned fuel source is still available through the air intake system. Completely shutting off the air supply, using a device such as the Rigsaver, is the only sure way to prevent engine runaway and the possible dire outcomes: equipment damage, fire, or life-threatening explosion.

The Rigsaver air shut-off valve has been used worldwide, providing reliable service on and offshore under adverse conditions associated with locations in the Canadian Arctic, the Gulf of Mexico, and the North Sea, the deserts of Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. Our product’s quality meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of our broad customer base, which includes leading engine OEMs.

Paul Hancock, MD for StS Resources and Technology said, “This is a fantastic safety product and fits well with our current range of gas detection and safety equipment.”

Features of the Rigsaver air shut-off safety device include:

•             Manual or automatic controls

•             Can be used onshore and offshore

•             Can respond to a variety of fault or hazard conditions

•             Available with 2in (50mm) to 14in (355mm) of unrestricted port

•             Operates safely at ambient and induction air temperatures between +350°F to +400°F (+176°C to +205°C)


The Rigsaver is ISO 9001:2008 accredited

For more information about sourcing Rigsavers for your asset please contact StS on 01642 241014 or email