StS announce new gas detection and ignition shutdown equipment

Thursday, 22 June, 2017
octopus GDISTS

StS are pleased to announce its new portable gas detection device available for hire in the UK. The Octopus Gas Detection Ignition Shutdown Technical System is especially designed for use during hot work operation and can be used in onshore and offshore installations for detection, alarm and shutdown in case explosive gases are present.

The Octopus GDISTS™ boasts a number of novel features alongside its rugged design. Electrical and pneumatic equipment can be directly connected to the system allowing for automatic shutdown of multiple types of ignition sources on detection of gas. If gas is detected, the system gives acoustic and visual local alarms, power outlets and pneumatic outlets are switched off, and in addition can provide an alarm signal to the control room if connected.

The system has 4 IR HC gas detectors on cable drums with 40m cable, and 4 power outlets (total max. 16A) fitted to the unit. This allows for widespread coverage of an active area both with detection and power provision.

Paul Hancock, managing director said, “We have utilised this Octopus system for a number of years in the Norwegian sector and it has become another market-leading product alongside our positive pressure habitat system.”

He continued, “The portable nature of this unit means that is can be utilised on nearly any project and provide the safety measures required to ensure successful completion without incident.”

For more information on the Octopus GDISTS™ or to discuss hire rates please email or call 01642 241014


™ pending (June 2017)